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Mandheshi News
Water is the basic need and has to be fulfilled – Jaykumar Gore.    [News help By Mr. Amit Bhise]:
Dahiwadi (17 Jan 2010) : “Water is the basic need of human civilization and it is the moral responsibility of a politician or a regional leader to fulfill it. That is precisely the reason for 3 lacks of water-thirsty voters of Maan to elect me as their leader and I promise to live up to their expectations” says our newly elected MLA.

The independently elected Member of Legislative Assembly from Maan-Khatav constituency, Jaykumar Gore, was addressing the press at his Dahiwadi regional office today. “The state Welfare Minister Ramraje Naik-Nimbalkar has the audacity to come here in Dahiwadi and tell people that he is ‘ready’ to give water?” asked our furious MLA. “Water should be provided and I’ll make sure that it happens. I won’t ever indulge into any of his affairs and he shouldn’t interfere in my constituency”.

The press meeting was scheduled soon after the reported visit of the neighboring constituency of Phaltan’s MLA and the current state Welfare minister Ramraje Naik-Nimbalkar’s visit to Dahiwadi and his willingness to provide water to the southern part of Satara.

“Our culture has taught us to give respect and have respect in return. The minister is aged than me and I respect him as an elderly person. Using an abusive language filled with profanity will not be entertained. He’ll be answered back in the same way” said the MLA maintaining his decorum in a public speech.

He further blamed the minister of keeping the people of this region away from their rightful share of water by adding “He (Naik-Nimbalkar) was a minister at the water supply department for 15 long years but he purposely delayed the water supply schemes that could’ve proved as a boon for people in Maan-Khatav region”. He reminded the people “The then chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had approved the Tondle - Warugad road development and Dahiwadi rural hospital buildings’ work while I was a district council member. Even after getting the orders signed by higher authorities our dear minister did nothing but delayed it”.

“I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in my political career and I wouldn’t fall prey to his menace. I’m practical and handle the situation with a realistic approach” concluded Mr. Gore.

The visit has raised a lot of speculations as it’s considered to be a result of the defeat of NCP’s candidate in the last assembly elections. It is to be noted here that the current MLA was, or still could be, an NCP party worker. But the election was won independently after being denied the ticket.

It is to be seen whether ‘we the people of Mandesh’ finally get water running in our farms or do we get to only witness the political talks?

Mandesh still parched, rains truant raises worries [Help by Vijay Ghutukade]:
Aug 2008 : The southwest monsoon is lashing all over the Maharashtra incessantly since last few days, many of the rivers in state have started flowing full stream, but its difficult to believe that Manganga is still dry retaining people in the region worrisome. While it is raining all over the nature has imparted hardships for Man's honest peoples. The shoratage of rainfall is posing a great challenge for drinking water and fodders for animals forget about agriculture.

Man’s agricultural outlook seems totally grim. As per the weekly sowing trends report for the Kharif 2008 released by Department of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra (GoM), out of 25800 hectares kharif area in Man only 910 hectares or 3.53% area has been brought under cultivation up to August 13, 2008 since the onset of monsoon on 1st June.

Kharif 2008 Sowing In Man Taluka as on August 13, 2008

Crop <> Normal <> Sown <> % Of sown to Normal
Total Cereals <> 21100 <> 90 <> 0.43%
Total Pulses <> 3300 <> 54 <> 1.64%
Total Oilseeds <> 300 <> 0 <> 0.00%
Cotton <> 900 <> 624 <> 69.33%
Sugarcane <> 200 <> 142 <> 71.00%
All Crops <> 25800 <> 910 <> 3.53%

Area in hectares Source: Department of Agriculture, GoM

The state of Maharashtra may be developed state in the country but Man has continued to be underdeveloped. The migration to other places for livelihood would be highest in region. After 45 years of independence we received electricity (around 1990 GoM, started implementing rural electrification programme in Man), after 55 years we got connected through phones and mobiles to rest of the country, but what about water, inter alia, so many other basic needs? Can anybody answer how long we will have to wait for water? Mans peoples have to watch and read the news’s on heavy, widespread rains, floods through Doordarshan and news papers only, but unfortunately they cant experience it.

I would strongly recommend to all my dear friends on Mandesh Community to uphold the water issue on the top of reform agenda in their vision for Man.

Mhasawad [02 Jan 2008] No Electricity all over man taluka around 12 Hours:
Problem occurred in the 132K.V. main line coming from Phaltan. There was no electric power continously 12hours. Man Taluka gets electricity from Dahiwadi substation. Dahiwadi substation gets supply form Phaltan. Between Dahiwadi and Phaltan there are 132K.V. main lines. Within a week two times system failed. On Wednesday morning 7:15 AM problem occurred and that was corrected around 6:00 PM evening. That means around 12 Hours there was no electricity. On 31 Dec also there was no electricity around 8 hours. Current equipments available at Dahiwadi substation are very old (around 25 years old), and also we need some alternative for 132K.V. Supply which comes from Phaltan.
Vadjal [26 Oct 2007]: Desara Celebration at Vadjal [Help Mr. Bhaskar Katkar]:
"Rath Miravnuk" and "Gaja Nrathya" is part of the Dasara festival. Vadjal village peoples pray to "Vadjai Devi" on this day. Below are snaps of the "Rath Miravnuk" and "Vadjai Devi".


After 20 years Manganga is outflowing-ETV News [News help : Mr. V. Ghutukade]:
The Sangola taluka administration has sounded a flood alert in all villages on the banks of River MANGANGA in Sangola, of Solapur district owing to flood situation in manganga river. The situation emerged due to the heavy rain in phaltan, man and Sangola. Public announcements are being made in these villages asking families in low-lying areas to shift to safer areas and to take care of their things.

The Manganga, a tributary of the Bhima, rises in the Tita hill in the north-east of Man. Of a total length of about 100 miles, about forty lie in Man within Satara limits. In Man the river runs southeast by Malvadi, Andhli, Dahivadi, and Mhasvad. Beyond Satara limits the Manganga continues to run south-east through Atpadi, and from Atpadi it turns north-east through Sangola and Pandharpur in Sholapur, and falls into the Bhima at Sarkoli about ten miles south-east of Pandharpur. During the rains within the Man sub division the water of the Manganga runs two to six feet deep. In the fair season it is about two feet deep in some places and almost dry in others. The bed is sandy and the banks highly eroded. In some parts near the river banks crops of sugarcane, groundnut, wheat, sweet potatoes, and onions are raised by pats or fair-weather channels. My mother told me that, people around mhaswad grow watermelon on river bed when its starts to dry.
Dahiwadi [12 Aug 2007]: Mr. Prasad Gaikawad is awarded by “Shiv Chhatrapati Award”.:
Cyclists from Dahiwadi, Prasad Gaikawad have been selected for Maharashtra Government's “Shiv Chhatrapati Award” for year 2005-06.

A total of 37 sportspersons from various categories bagged the prestigious state honors, announced at a press conference today. Prasad Gaikawad is one who got selected for his meritorious performance in the sport of cycling.

About Prasad: His full name is name is Prasad Vamanrao Gaikawad. He is Player of “Kridha Prabodhani”. Till the today he was participated total 19 national competitions. He got 5 “Gold Medals”, 10 “Silver Medals” and 5 “Bronze Medals”.

About Family: Mother is primary teacher at “Primary school number 2 Dahiwadi”. Father is working in MSEB at Budh.

He completed his primary education at “Primary school number 2 Dahiwadi”. Secondary school at Varananagar. He is member of “Kridha Prabhodani” Aurangabad and Balewadi (Pune).

His teachers: Kamalaker Zende, Sanjay Satpute and Milind Zodage.

Prasad told about his success: He got support from his mother and father. “Kridha Prabodhani” guidance was helped a him lot.

We congratulate and salute our mandeshi for his success. We are proud of him and give him best wishes for his future.

Mhasawad:[23 June 2007]: Heavy raining all over Mandesh. One dead at Madri.:
Last three days heavy rains on all over mandesh area. One old lady died when a wall of home collapsed because of the rains. The deceased was identified as Shantabai Rajmane. Dahiwadi - Mardi road got blocked because at 2-3 places big trees where collapsed on the road. Farmers from mandesh saying this rain is helpful for onion crop.

Congratulations to Dr.Mr. Nitin Waghmode.:
From Mandeshi JANATA and Family we are giving mandeshi SALAM and we are proud of Dr. Mr. Nitin Waghmode. As he got chance to meet Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He got this chance when he selected from 350 officers.

Dr.Mr. Nitin Waghmode is currently working at Nagpur. In age of just 26 years he achieved many things. He is from small village Varkute-Malawadi. He completed school at “Sainik School Satara” and after that done MBBS from Mumbai. In first attempt in 2004 cleared Lok Seva Aayog Examination and all over country he got 232 ranks. In 2nd attempt he reached up to interview level. And just in 2006 again cleared the examination and got 179 ranks. Because of that he got good chance to work in Indian embassy.

He got support of Mother, Father and relatives. He achieved lot in just age of 26 only. gives him “Best wishes for new job”.

Dahiwadi [15 Mar 2007]: Congress Got Man Panchayat Samiti with both Sabhapati and Up-Sabhapati:
Man Panchayat Samiti NCP and Congress both won 5 seats so by draw elected Sabhapati and Up- Sabhapati.

For Sabhapati Mr. Jagannath Savala Jadhav [Congress] got elected and for Up-Sabhapati Mr. Vijay Sitaram Bansode got elected.

So on Man Panchayat Samiti Congress got hold, and NCP lost Man Panchayat Samiti.
Dahiwadi [13 Mar 2007]: For ZP NCP won 3 seats & Congress 2 seats and for Panchayat samiti both won 5 seats:
In Man Taluka for ZP NCP won 3 seats and taken lead and Congress won 2 seats others not got any seats for ZP. Mr. Sadashivrao Pol had taken lead in the ZP seats. In panchayat samiti elections both NCP and Congress got 5 seats so there is Tie for Panchayat samiti Sabhapati, Sabhapati will be elected by the draw.
Below is the list of won and runner of for ZP and panchayat samiti elections 2007:

Dahiwadi ZP :
Mr. Bhaskar Gundge (NCP) [9147 Votes Won by 1545 votes]
Mr. Vaghojirao Pol (Congress) [7702 votes] [Lost]
Dahiwadi Panchayat Samiti :
Mrs. Rekha Borate (Congress) [Lost]
Vavarhire Panchayat Samiti :
Mrs. Jayshri Kadam (NCP) [Won]
Mrs. Pushpavati Bhosale (Congress) [Lost]
Mardi ZP :
Mrs. Kamala Pol (NCP) [Won by 4753 votes]
Mrs. Shalan Pawar (Congress) [Lost]
Mardi Panchayat Samiti :
Mr. Anada Kumbhar (NCP) [Won]
Mr. Rajaram Borate (Congress) [Lost]
Varkute Mhaswad Panchayat Samiti :
Mrs. Vijaya Shirke (NCP) [Won]
Mrs. Prabhavti Kapase (Man- Khatav Vikas Aaghadi) [Lost]
Gondawale ZP :
Mrs. Chayadevi Chopade (NCP) [Won]
Mrs. Sindhu Rajage (Congress) [Lost]
Gondawale Panchayat Samiti :
Mr.Sayajirao Patil (NCP) [Won]
Mr. Suryakant Mane (Congress) [Lost]
Palashi Panchayat Samiti :
Mr.Shivdas Khade (NCP) [Won]
Mr.Keshavrao vanve (Congress) [Lost]
Aandhali ZP :
Mr. Jaykumar Gore (Congress) [Won]
Mr. Vilas Gade (NCP) [Lost]
Aandhali Panchayat Samiti :
Mrs. Urmila Jagdale (Congress) [Won]
Mrs. Chaya Jagdale (NCP) [Lost]
Malawadi Panchayat Samiti :
Mrs. Jaganath Jadhav (Congress) [Won]
Mrs. Sadashiv Pingale (NCP) [Lost]
Kukudwad ZP :
Mr. Arun Shinde (Congress) [Won]
Mr. Sandipan Torane (NCP) [Lost]
Kukudwad Panchayat Samiti :
Mr. Anil Desai (Congress) [Won]
Mr. Dattaji Katakar (NCP) [Lost]
Varkute Malawadi Panchayat Samiti :
Mr. Vijay Bansode (Congress) [Won]
Mr. Siddhart Bansode (NCP) [Lost]
Bangarwadi (Varkute) 26 Feb 2007: 2 Childs dead and one injured when old home wall was collapsed:
Today afternoon at Bangarwadi near Varkute-Malawadi old home wall collapsed and two Childs dead and one injured. One boy and one girl were dead. Praskash Bharat Banagr (age 2.5 Yrs) and Nandatai Jalinder Dhere (age 4 Yrs) these are names of the Childs who dead in this incident. Bangarwadi is around 5 K.M. from Varkute-Malawadi. There these two Childs Prakash and Nandatai were playing with there other friends. As they went to take food from Aangandwadi for that they had taken Tiffin from home but they not reached to Aanganwadi they started playing near the Mr. Birudev Anuse’s old house. That house is around 125 years old and now a day no one is staying there. Around 1:30 Pm one wall of that old house is collapsed on these Childs, immediately peoples staying near ran out and rushed the spot by hearing the sound of wall collapse. They immediately stated dig the material but they found both child’s dead on the spot. One child Samarth Barat Anuse who is injured. Man Taluka Tahasildar Mr. Hemant Nikam, Ruplai Satpute and Dr. Kadam reached the spot and also visited the Banagr and Dhere Family.
Mhaswad [30 Jan 2007]: People facing water problem:
Water supply from Mhaswad Corporation is not getting properly. In 8 days just once water is getting supplied and that is also with less force. From last two months new improved and increased water supply system also not working properly. After the Sidhanath Yatra Transformer was got failed , after that continuously 14 days Mhaswad peoples not got water properly, faced many problem. From that day to till today there are shortage of water and each day shortage is getting increased. Keeping in mind the population of Mhaswad city, Government approved 18 crores additional water supply systems, but there is no any proper vision of how it will be distributed properly. In city some businessmen and some residence uses the small pumps to get water faster by connecting them directly to the pipeline, and they store water around 8 to 10 thousand liter. But poor residence facing problem of store water because they don\'t have any storage and these peoples facing the problem. But corporation takes Rs.800 from each as who stores 8-10 Thousand Liter water also and who not stores 8-10 Thousand liter water also. Peoples are not happy on this as they saying people who are using more water they should charged more and people who suing less water they should charged less. In last holidays few women’s went to corporation office about facing problem of water. Mr. Rokade, who is related to Water supply told problem is at Islampur power house, power house is not getting proper electricity that’s why not getting water to us, so need use water carefully.
Mhasawad: Mr. Sahebrao Pol become chairmen of Lakshminarayan Patsanstha:
Mr. Sahebrao Tatyasaheb Pol (from Devapur) becomes chairmen of Lakshminarayan Patsanstha Mhaswad. Mrs. Hindamla Vijaysinh Rajemane becomes Vice Chairmen. Both are elected by all members of patsanstha. Meeting is held under Mr. V.G. Jadhav at Patsanstha office. In meeting all members given support to Mr. Sahebrao Pol and Mrs. Hindmala Rajemane and both are declared as chairman and vice chairman. For meeting founder Mr. Mahadev Kapase, President Dr.Mr. J.T. Pol, MLA Mr. Sadashivrao Pol, MLA Mr. Sampatrao Avghade, Mr. Anil Desai, Dr. Mrs. Sunita Pol, Market committee chairmen Mr. Shriram Patil, Mr. Jalinder Babar, ex. chairmen Mr. Prashant Shah, Mr. Ravindra Shah, Mr. Vilasrao Mane, Mr. Ajitrao Rajemane, Mr. Sarjerao Mane, Mr. Uvraj Suryavanshi, Mrs. Chetana Sinha, Mr. Nitin Doshi, Mr. Tatyasaheb Pol, Mr. Ramrao Babar, Mr. Uttam Babar, Mr. Narayan Sawant, Mr. Dhanaji Mane, Mr. Shashikant Raut, Mr. Nitin Tiwatane, Mr. Kiran Pol, Dr. Katakar, Dr. Galande, Mr. Lakshman Dhekale these all are given best wishes to both chairmen and vice chairmen.
Mhaswad Municipal Corporation:
Mrs Mandkini Vilasrao Mane became the "NAGARAADHYAKSHYA" of Mhaswad Municipal corporation. She is candidate of Siddanath Panel and wife of Mr. Vilasrao Mane. Sidanath panel won 9 seats from and Rashtravadi Party won 8 seats. “UP- NAGARAADHYAKSHYA” is Mrs. Dhanshridevi Rajemane. She is also from the Siddantah panel.
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