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Total Seats : 17
Congress : 14
NCP : 3
Sidhanath Panel [Vilasrao Mane] : 0
Nagoba Panel [Mahadev Masal] : 0
Congress got 14 seats and bag Mhaswad corporation!!!!
वडूजचा एस. टी. डेपो 'आजारी' - गाड्यानाभावी फेऱ्या रद्द करण्याची नामुष्की : वेळापत्रक कोलमालडले :
Water is the basic need and has to be fulfilled – Jaykumar Gore.    [News help By Mr. Amit Bhise] :
Dahiwadi (17 Jan 2010) : “Water is the basic need of human civilization and it is the moral responsibility of a politician or a regional leader to fulfill it. That is precisely the reason for 3 lacks of water-thirsty voters of Maan to elect me as their leader and I promise to live up to their expectations” says our newly elected MLA.

The independently elected Member of Legislative Assembly from Maan-Khatav constituency, Jaykumar Gore, was addressing the press at his Dahiwadi .... more
Mandesh still parched, rains truant raises worries [Help by Vijay Ghutukade] :
Aug 2008 : The southwest monsoon is lashing all over the Maharashtra incessantly since last few days, many of the rivers in state have started flowing full stream, but its difficult to believe that Manganga is still dry retaining people in the region worrisome. While it is raining all over the nature has imparted hardships for Man's honest peoples. The shoratage of rainfall is posing a great challenge for drinking water and fodders for animals forget about agriculture.

Man’s agr .... more
Mhasawad [02 Jan 2008] No Electricity all over man taluka around 12 Hours :
Problem occurred in the 132K.V. main line coming from Phaltan. There was no electric power continously 12hours. Man Taluka gets electricity from Dahiwadi substation. Dahiwadi substation gets supply form Phaltan. Between Dahiwadi and Phaltan there are 132K.V. main lines. Within a week two times system failed. On Wednesday morning 7:15 AM problem occurred and that was corrected around 6:00 PM evening. That means around 12 Hours there was no electricity. On 31 Dec also there was no electricity arou .... more
Vadjal [26 Oct 2007]: Desara Celebration at Vadjal [Help Mr. Bhaskar Katkar] :
"Rath Miravnuk" and "Gaja Nrathya" is part of the Dasara festival. Vadjal village peoples pray to "Vadjai Devi" on this day. Below are snaps of the "Rath Miravnuk" and "Vadjai Devi".

               &n .... more
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