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Mnadeshi Tirth Shetre
Shikhar Shinganapur
Shikhar Shinganapur

Very ancient temple of lord 'Shiva' on the hill called Shikhar Shingnapur is about  89 Km from Satara on Satara-Akluj road.   Huge gathering of devotees on eve of 'Mahashivratri took place here every year.   It has many historical references  about visit of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj .

Siddhanath Temple at Mhaswad
Mhaswad Siddhanath Temple

Temple of Lord 'Siddhanath' built in 12th Century. Idols of Siddhanath and Jogubai in the form of Shiva/Parvati are here. The temple is worth to see. Mhaswad is 80 Km from Satara on Satara-Solapur road. Annual 'Rathyatra' is main function is being celebrated with Lacks of devotees.

Gondawale Bk
Gondawalekar Maharaj

Temple of lord Rama and Samadhi  of Bramhachaitanya Gondawalekar Maharaj (1845-1918) situated at Gondawale Bk. Tal.Man, 72 Km from Satara on Satara-Solapur road. Death anniversary of Maharaj on 10th Moon(Margashirsh Dashami ) celebrated by thousands of devotees.

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